Tom Green

Tom Green

Le Bordel est fier de présenter Tom Green en format 90 minutes avec une première partie. Veuillez noter que le spectacle est en anglais.

Experience a live, unrehearsed and unhinged Tom Green.

After living in the USA for decades, Tom Green recently relocated to Canada, where he starred in Amazon Prime’s « LOL: Last One Laughing Canada. » He cracked up many of Canada’s funniest comedians, including K. Trevor Wilson, Dave Foley, Colin Mochrie and special guest P.K. Subban.

Tom’s program « The Tom Green Show, » which began on Ottawa cable TV and moved to MTV, influenced the rise of shock comedy shows like « Jackass. »

Tom’s appeared in several films, including « Charlie’s Angels, » « Road Trip, » « Stealing Harvard, » « Shred » and « Freddy Got Fingered, » which he wrote and directed.

Tom’s TV appearances include hosting « Saturday Night Live. » He is among the few comedians to guest-host for David Letterman on « Late Show with David Letterman. »

The eccentric, funny man was also a contestant on « Celebrity Big Brother, » in which, despite being Canadian, he was voted America’s favourite house guest. He competed on « The Celebrity Apprentice » with former U.S. president Donald Trump.

In 2006 Green, a pioneer in independent web-casting, was producing a talk show from his Los Angeles home. Fellow comedian Joe Rogan named Green’s show as an influence on his podcast, « The Joe Rogan Experience. » Numerous podcasters and other online content creators have cited Green as a pioneer in the medium.

Tom’s battle with testicular cancer was chronicled in the short film « The « Tom Green Cancer Special. » The topic was also covered in his 2004 autobiography « Hollywood Causes Cancer: The Tom Green Story. »

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Tom Green

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